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Interview: Ella Ganza Alexander strikes a pose as Queensland's first ever Vogue Ball comes to Brisbane!

With Queensland's first ever Vogue Ball just over a week away, GoHakka caught up with the Mother of the Haus, Ella Ganza Alexander.

By Chad St. James 10 Oct 2019

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Will Smith launches 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' inspired clothing line.

Will Smith is bringing 90s fashion back with his 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' fashion line. The question is do we really need it?

By Chad St. James 03 Oct 2019

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Brazil's largest newspaper protests by putting a marvel same-sex kiss on its front page.

Folha de São Paulo, Brazil's most prominent newspaper published an illustrated sam-sex kiss between two Marvel characters on its front page, in protest against the mayor of Rio de Janeiro and his quest to ban LGBTQ+ content.

By Chad St. James 12 Sep 2019

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Pose's Indya Moore uses fashion to bring awareness to transphobic violence!

While Pose may have wrapped up for Season Two, its cast continue to make headlines. Indya Moore who portrays Angel on the hit series made one of the most important fashion statements of the year.

By Chad St. James 10 Sep 2019

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RuPaul's Drag Race Live! confirmed for Las Vegas residency!

World of Wonder confirms that the award-winning television series is set for a live residency at the Flamingo, Las Vegas in 2020.

By Chad St. James 08 Sep 2019

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The perfect chair for those that struggle to sit straight!

What started as a joke, might actually start appearing the in lounge-rooms of LGBTQ+ people all over the world.

By Chad St. James 02 Sep 2019

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Fluffy shows its Pride for the 2019 Brisbane Pride Festival!

This year, Fluffy is showing its Pride by hosting several events throughout month celebrating the spirit of Pride and the wondrous diversity that makes up our colourful community.

By Chad St. James 29 Aug 2019

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Bob The Drag Queen brings us the Basic Ball!

When the ball goes basic and the categories get a little too real, Bob The Drag Queen is your perfect emcee!

By Chad St. James 14 Aug 2019

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Harry K spills the TEA on Fluffy!

For 18 years, Fluffy has become a safe haven where people have been able to freely express themselves while truly cementing its own place in Australian queer club culture. In the lead up to the birthday celebrations this Sunday, our editor caught up with the man behind it all, Harry K.

By Chad St. James 18 Jul 2019
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