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'Pose' renewed for a third season!

Less than a week after Pose premiered its second season, FX has already renewed the series for a third season.

By Chad St. James 18 Jun 2019

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Hunger Games prequel book on its way and a possible movie to follow!

Get ready to return back to the dystopian world of Panem, because Suzanne Collins is penning a prequel to The Hunger Games trilogy.

By Chad St. James 18 Jun 2019

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The 'Frozen 2' trailer takes the adventure far beyond Arendelle!

Back in February, Disney released a teaser trailer for the highly anticipated sequel to 2013's box office smash hit, Frozen, now we've got the first official trailer for Frozen 2, and it looks all kinds of epic.

By Chad St. James 14 Jun 2019

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The Craft remake is seeking a trans Latin actress for one of its leads.

It looks like The Craft remake just got a whole lot more inclusive with its latest casting call.

By Chad St. James 10 Jun 2019

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Original Jurassic Park cast might be returning for Jurassic World 3?

Considering the commercial success that came with both Jurassic World 1 and 2, it's no surprise Jurassic Wold 3 is on its way with the purpose to wrap the current trilogy up, and what better way to do so than reunite the original trio that kicked everything off back in 1993.

By Chad St. James 04 Jun 2019

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The teaser trailer for 'The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance' is pretty damn magical!

The Dark Crystal. It's the movie that children of the 80s either loved or scared them so much it gave them nightmares. Now, Netflix is giving us a prequel series!

By Chad St. James 01 Jun 2019

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Changes are coming for the House of Evangelista in the 'Pose' season two trailer!

The Golden Globe-nominated FX drama Pose is set to return to TV screens next month, and while trailers actually showing new footage from the series has been a rarity due to geotagging, today we get our first proper taste of what to expect from season two.

By Chad St. James 28 May 2019

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Review: 'Rocketman' is not your ordinary biopic!

'Rocketman' is one hell of ride detailing Elton John's rise to stardom in one epic musical fantasy.

By Chad St. James 27 May 2019

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'Terminator: Dark Fate' trailer arrives. Is this the Terminator film fans have waited 28 years for?

There's no denying that everything that came after T2: Judgement Day failed to live up to the standard that James Cameron set with the first two films. However, the latest installment Terminator: Dark Fate is set to change that.

By Chad St. James 23 May 2019
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