The 'Love, Simon' spinoff series now has a name and a new home!

26 Feb 2020
Chad St. James
Categories: Film + TV, Entertainment

Exciting news for fans of Love, Simon. The highly anticipated spinoff TV series has finally found its name, Love, Victor. However, if you were expecting to stream it on Disney+, you're going to be somewhat disappointed.

The upcoming series follows Victor (Michael Cimono), who becomes pen pals with Simon (Nick Robinson). In the process, Simon takes up a mentorship role in Victor's life, offering him advice as he struggles to deal with self-discovery and all those typical problems that teens face. But as it turns out, those problems might have been a little too racy for Disney+.

According to Deadline sources, plotlines in the new series touch on underage drinking and sexuality, making it a little too "mature" for the "family-friendly" streaming service. Instead, Disney has now moved it to another one of their services, Hulu, to air.

It seems Disney+ has issues with real-life LGBTQ+ representation but is fine to have beings with superpowers kick the crap out of each other, and even have soldiers punch an adorable long-eared alien. That said, Hulu is quite excited about the series and has already begun looking at developing a second season before its premiere in June.

Elizabeth Berger and Isac Aptaker, who were writers for the original film, are serving as screenwriters and showrunners for the new series. The bonus with the move to Hulu is this at least means the show's queer content won't risk being watered down if it had stayed on the original streaming platform. Still, I really didn't want to sign up for anymore streaming services as I already have enough.

Will you be checking out Love, Victor?

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