This coffee commercial featuring queer teens is the most adorable thing you will watch today!

20 Jan 2020
Chad St. James
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Awww, now this commercial hit me right in the feels. Dutch coffee brand Douwe Egberts (don't ask me how to pronounce that) have dropped a new commercial that's created quite the buzz on the Internet.

In "Something to Share," a young girl's makeout session is interrupted when her father arrives home unexpectedly. A hoodie hides her partner's identity until they come downstairs after being invited for a coffee via text by the girl's father. It is then revealed that the daughter has a girlfriend. The dad is all smiles as the pair join him for a "coffee break." It's all kinds of wholesome and I love it!

"Coffee is at the heart of life. It is with us at the big moments and the small," reads the company's website. "Jacobs Douwe Egberts celebrates life beyond the beverage, putting the coffee cup at the centre of the conversation, wherever in the world it takes place… Everyone should be free to enjoy their coffee, their way."

Check out the adorable ad below.

Subtle, cute and absolutely adorable. This ad gets a ten from me!!!

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