Quarantine got you bored? Try the new NSFW viral trend, the #shampoochallenge

30 Apr 2020
Chad St. James
Categories: Lifestyle +Travel, Arts + Culture, Entertainment

Quarantine has people doing all kinds of crazy things such as baking banana bread and balancing things on their hard-ons. Yes, you read that right, there's a new viral trend hitting the internet.

The #ShampooChallenge has nothing to do with washing your new DIY haircut. The challenge sees guys balancing shampoo bottles (or in some cases, lotions) on their disco sticks. In a time plagued with absolutely stupid dance challenges on TikTok, why should we even question it? 

Now if you really want a perve, here's a few NSFW examples

Click HERE! And HERE! And Lastly HERE!

If quarantine really has you bored, check on the #shampoochallenge on Twitter. You'll have endless hours of fun!

So who's up for a challenge?

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