The perfect chair for those that struggle to sit straight!

02 Sep 2019
Chad St. James
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What started as a joke, might actually start appearing the in lounge-rooms of LGBTQ+ people all over the world.

We're sure many of you are familiar with the Internet meme, "bisexual culture is not sitting properly." The meme has since gone on to encompass LGBTQ+ people as a whole. According to the Internet sitting straight in chairs is an everyday struggle for people within the LGBTQ+ community. However, there now seems to be a solution. The "Bi-Chair." 

The brilliant creation came about when Brazilian artist Má Matiazi posted a doodle of a "bi-chair… for people who can't sit straight" on Instagram. The "Bi-Chair" features armrests at different heights, as well as sections for folding legs, and was a playful reference to the Internet meme about bi people regularly contorting themselves when taking a seat. 

Since this is the internet, the post went viral reaching Israel Walker from Iowa, who took it upon himself to construct the chair. Walker, who says his daughter identifies as bisexual genderfuck thinks that her and other LGBTQ+ folks inability to sit "normally" is hilarious. So being Dad of the Year, he sought Má's permission to make the chair. Thankfully for the rest of us, she said, "yes!"

Walker uploaded photos of the finished chair to Facebook and became an instant hit. Not only are Internet users praising its creation, but many are also calling for its mass production.

While we're already a fan, Walker has since said that he'll be working on a revised version. If the next iteration of the "Bi-Chair" comes with the ability to adjust the arms and legs, he better get it patented, because it's gonna be a huge seller!

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