Thirst Alert: The world's hottest maths teacher strips down for Earth Day.

23 Apr 2019
Chad St. James
Categories: Latest News, Arts + Culture, Lifestyle +Travel

We've been a fan of Pietro Boselli ever since one of his students made the world aware that they were being taught by "the world's hottest maths teacher." I'll be lying if I said he hasn't been the subject of a dirty teacher fantasy or two but let's leave that for another time, shall we?

Anyways, let's get on to a more serious matter. Hotties posting thirst-worthy photos under the guise of promoting serious causes have become one of my biggest pet hates. It's a rarity that some actually keep your eyes transfixed on the screen rather than rolling them into the back of your head and letting out a loud sigh and muttering "Here we go again."

However, Pietro proves to be the exception. The maths teacher/model posted several photos to Facebook celebrating Earth Day on Monday showing him dressed in nothing but a shell. How modest of him.

Here they are for your viewing pleasure.

Anyone else wishing in the next life they come back as a model's shell?

Earth Day was first held on the 22nd of April and since takes place the same date each year with the purpose to educate and bring awareness to the environmental challenges faced across the globe. To find out more click HERE!

Now, remember, after you finish drooling, be good planeteer and don't forget to recycle!

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