Out On Top Interview: DJ Kitty Glitter

29 Dec 2019
Chad St. James
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On the 2nd of January, Harry K is expanding the party to the Gold Coast with the launch of Out On Top at The Star Gold Coast's signature venue, Nineteen at The Star.

The new queer takeover party series is set to continue the tradition of providing physical socials spaces vital to LGBTQ+ culture. Launching this Thursday, attendees will be able to experience all the glitz and glamour 19 floors above while being entertained by both internationally and nationally renowned DJs and performers.

Headlining the night is none other than one of the original DJs in Drag, the critically acclaimed DJ Kitty Glitter. With a career that's taken her across the globe, GoHakka caught up Kitty to catch up on everything from her transition from stage to the decks, her go-to track, and the one requested song she won't play.

So Kitty, what originally inspired the transition from the stage to the decks?

Music and dancing have always been my greatest passions. I had been doing drag shows for almost ten years before I decided to start Dj'ing. I'm not sure exactly what it was that inspired the initial decision, but it did feel organic in that it kinda just happened. Because I was already established as a fabulous drag queen, I almost instantly started DJ'ing all over Australia, then soon after throughout Asia, USA, Canada, Europe, and now India!

Do you think when you started DJing as Kitty Glitter, it was something that separated you from the other upcoming DJs at the time?

Of course, undeniably, but as a DJ , it's about the music , essentially! It does not matter one bit what a DJ looks like or decides to wear. If the music doesn't live up to the image, then it's not going to be a very long-lasting or successful career.

There seems to be an increasing trend of DJs appearing in drag. How does it feel to be one of the first?

There really was only a handful of us doing it at the time I started in 2006. I knew back then that there were going to be others, and I often encouraged others to do it. It feels great to be able to inspire people and watch them do well.

What advice would you have for some interested in getting into Djing?

If you think you have good taste in music and don't mind spending most of your waking hours listening to new music to hunt for gems, then just start playing around for fun. Perfect the craft of beat-matching. If you have what it takes, then trust, the magic of the universe will do its thing, and more and more people will want to dance with you.

While you love DJing do you ever perform still? Do you miss it?

As much as I love performing, I don't miss doing back to back shows, often in back to back venues, 3-4 nights a week, week after week! That's said, I do like to take an opportunity to do a number now and then. Whether it's a number with 40 near-naked dancers at Sydney's Mardi Gras party or with some of my favorite drag queens, it always extra fun for me. And yes, there will be more shows….

For those who have possibly been living under a rock, how would you describe your sound?

I play mostly vocal commercial house music. That's what I'm booked for mainly. But depending on the event, I also play deep house, tribal, circuit, and even disco. I actually like to include a little bit of everything in my sets when I can. So im not sure what my sound is specifically, but I like to keep it fun, sexy, interesting, and bouncey!

What's your go-to track to get the dancefloor pumpin'?


Who's your favourite artist to spin at the moment?

I really don't have a favourite artist as such. I appreciate them all. But I do have some favourite remixers/producers. Paulo, Alain Jackinsky, Rosabel, Taito Tikaro, and many others I spin regularly.

Is there a particular song you hate being requested, and why?

Yes, many, LOL. But especially Never Enough from the Greatest Showman. Some ballads should just be left in theatres. I hated the dance mixes and never even saved any of them on my computer. And then I saw that video that went viral a while back with the punch up at a circuit festival with that song blasting through speakers. I'm glad I wasn't there. I would have felt like I was in my greatest nightmare! Note to all, don't even ask, I don't have it, I'll never play it. Sorry, not sorry.

You've traveled all over the world DJing, what have been some of the highlights so far?

It's always a thrill doing big festivals, Mardi Gras, White Party, the many Pride events throughout the world.

What kind of music can people expect to hear from your set at Out On Top?

I don't know. I don't know what kind of people are going to be there until I'm there. I can only guess there is going to be a fun crowd that expects to have a fun time, so I'll play accordingly. I never plan my sets, and as tacky as it sounds, I let the dancefloor and venue inspire me. I think we're in for a spectacular time though! I can't wait!!

What's next for Kitty Glitter?

Much more of the same as always. More touring, more fun, more love & more glitter! I always believe the best is yet to come… so stay tuned pussycats!

Out On Top launches the 2nd of January. In addition to Kitty Glitter, the night will also feature Dan Slater, Mason Andrews on the decks and performances by Natasha St.James, Scarlett Fever and Violet Velvet. For tickets click HERE!

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