Recap: Game of Thrones season eight so far...

02 May 2019
Chad St. James
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We're now in the endgame, and no we're not talking about the Avengers. We have reached the midway point of the final season of Game of Throne. There's no denying this season has had its fair share of surprises, and with only three episodes left until the highly anticipated conclusion, we're sure there are still a few surprises left up the writers' sleeves. With episode four dropping this Monday, let's recap shall we?

Episode One: Winterfell

The final season kicked off going full circle starting where it all began, at Winterfell. The episode opens with a royal procession and a small boy climbing up a tree to watch on as thousands of Unsulied marched through the gates.

Of course, this time around it wasn't Bran gazing in wonder or Arya scampering through the crowds watching in awe of the fighting men and their swords. The pair are a lot older, wiser, and more experience than when the series began, and it shows.

This episode worked as a set up working towards the show's highly anticipated climax. The last of the Starks had finally reunited at Winterfell, where they haven't all been under the same roof since before Jon left for the Night's Watch.

As you know the shit hit the fan since and we only have four of the Starks left. Last Jon saw Bran; he was just a boy in a coma. Now he's all Xavier! While Arya has grown up into one hell of an assassin with an impressive kill list.

Won't lie, so many emotions with their reunions but of course, Bran being the rain cloud ruins a rather happy moment warning that wall has fallen and the Army of the Dead is coming. The reunions didn't stop there. There was former spouse Sansa and Tyrion. Talk about awkward remember when Sansa vanished exactly when Joffrey was murdered, and Tyrion got the blame? Speaking of Sansa, she's not a girl to be messed around with these days and damn she's got shade for everyone.

Arya and Gendry catch up, and it sizzles as much as the dragonglass he's forging into weapons. She also hits him up to make a unique weapon of her own to use in the upcoming battle. Then there's also her reunion with her road trip buddy the Hound who finishes that meeting naming her a “Cold Little Bitch.”

Amongst all the reunions, there were several little bits worth of note, Theon rescued his sister a little too quickly and dedicated his allegiances to defending the North. It turns out Dolorous Edd and Tormund Giantsbane are still alive. Sansa isn't too happy with Jon's loyalty to Daenerys. You can't blame her when you acknowledge the fact that Jon has completely upended the entire order of the realm. And we can't help but wonder if there's gonna be catfight between Sansa and Daenerys shortly. The shade and tension between them is something out of an episode of Drag Race.

Then there's Cersei. She's out for blood. She wants both her brothers dead, and she's hit up Bronn to do the deed. Considering how close he was to them, that's gonna be all kinds of awkward. It also seems as Cersei has now teamed up with Jack Sparrow-wannabe Euron, and even does the deed with him while she's supposedly pregnant. Either the girl is desperate, or she's just playing her cards, but no good is going to come from this alliance.

While Cersei seems to be moving on from incest, the same cannot be said about Jon and Daenerys. To their credit, they don't actually know they're related. The pair go on a magnificent dragon ride which nails down the fact that their relationship is more than just sex, they share a bond, and unlike any other man, he can ride a dragon.

It's kinda weird watching a nephew make out with his aunt, but then again we remember this Game of Thrones, and we've seen worse. However, as a viewer, we've been waiting for the pair to finally know the truth about their DNA. It comes pretty swiftly once Daenerys informs Sam that she killed both her father and brother.

Poor Sam throws a quick tanty and tells Jon that he is actually “Aegon Targaryen, sixth of his name, protector of the realm and all of that jazz.” Jon shrugs it off as he's saying "Cool story, needs more dragons." Obviously, he's got some thinking to do. He's the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, and that's definitely not gonna make a certain dragon mommy very happy.

However, the episode finishes with the best reunion of all. Turns out Jaime has made his way to Winterfell all incognito, and who do you think is the first person to see him when he arrives? None other than the very kid he pushed out a window and started the shit fight that has become the Game of Thrones.

Oh, Myyyyyy! *George Takei voice*

Episode Two: A Knight of The Seven Kingdoms

With the Army of the Dead marching towards Winterfell, this episode very much worked as a long goodbye. It was nostalgic, it pulled at the heartstrings and probably features the most talked about sex scene in the history of the series. Let's get to it!

Jamie's presence in Winterfell was always going to cause some tension. He did push Bran out the window Daenerys has longed imagined the many gruesome ways she would kill Jamie for what he has done to her family.

Over the years Jaime has changed, and for the most part, seen the error of his ways and thanks to a couple of nice references, Daenerys hasn't used her dragons to roast him into a kebab, just yet. Speaking of Daenerys, she's not making a lot of friends in Westeros which is starting to show.

She met up with Sansa for a little one on one, and as many predicted this season, the pair don't look to be becoming BFFs anytime soon. And you've got to hand it Sansa; She ain't scared of no girl with two pet dragons. She was married to Joffrey and Ramsay after all. She nicely tells Daenerys that the North should remain free of the Seven Kingdoms. With neither willing to back down, it's obvious these two are going to be at each other's throats within the next few episodes. Grab the popcorn.

There's a War Council, and that goes as expected. The plan is as follows. Kill the Night King and kill all the White Walkers. While no one quite knows how they're going to do it, it's okay because Bran who bears his mark will lure him out and everything else will fall into place. What could go wrong?

Theon as of late has become rather ballsy and seems to be moving on from his PTSD from Ramsay; he decides to be the one that guards Bran and the long night before the actual Long Night begins. And what a night it is!

Tyrion, Jaime, Brienne, Pod, Tormund and Davos all sit around a fire knocking back piss as if it's their last hurrah and for some, it will be.

The banter between the characters really makes the sequence such as when Tormund addresses Jaimie as "king-killer" which leads to him telling the hilarious story of how he got his name "Giantsbane" by slaying a giant at the age of ten and ended up breastfeeding of the dead giant's wife who mistook him for her baby.

However, Tormund who is also crushing on Brienne more than ever is puzzled as to why she has never been officially knighted and states that he would knight her "ten times over" for her bravery. Aw cute. What follows is a beautiful scene where Jaime breaks tradition and the patriarchy by knighting her. I may or may not have got a little teary eyed in this scene. There were just so many feels.

However, the scene that had the Internet ablaze after the episode aired involved Arya and Gendry. Much to the shock of many, on the eve of The Great War, Arya used what could be possibly her last moments to experience what it is like to have sex, and she's wasn't shy about it either!

There is no denying Arya has had quite the story arc over these eight seasons, and this scene worked as a brilliant way to reclaim not only her femininity but also showed she her decision to display it any way she wants in a male-dominated world. The point is further clarified by the fact that the episode flashed between Brienne obtaining professional fulfillment going against the standard placed on knighthood by the male patriarchy while Arya is rolling around with Gendry.

Arya's character breaks every conceivable gender norm. Even though she protested in season one as a child, she never wanted to be a lady it didn't mean she can't dress in men's clothing and get into Gendry's pants! There's no denying that this episode has been working us up to say goodbye, as to who we would be saying farewell to is yet to be seen.

While we're getting a little romantic, if they survive the war, Greyworm wants to take Miissandei to the beach. How freakin' cute! As for Jon and Daenerys, things are just a tad bit strained since he learned the truth about his lineage. I got the impression he's probably been trying to avoid that topic, but when she corners him at his mother's grave down in the crypt, it's now or never.

He finally tells her the truth. Of course, Daenerys makes some valid points about the fact that only his brother and best mate know a secret that could change everything. And it does, you can partially see it in her face. He's the rightful heir to the throne, and she's just a pissed off Targaryen with a couple of dragons. Talk about a slap in the face.

Oh and then to make matters worst right at the end of the episode the Army of The Dead arrives.

Episode Three: The Long Night.

WHAT A FREAKIN' EPISODE! Having Avengers: Endgame arriving at the cinemas followed by this episode airing within the same week was nearly too much to deal with.

Episode Two worked as the pre-battle banter because within minutes of the episode beginning it was time for battle. While it looked like our heroes had a pretty good army to take on the Army of the Dead, you know this is Game of Thrones, and nothing ever goes well as you like.

Just when you think the battle is about to kick off, we have the return of Melisandre. Which straight had me wondering how the hell did she even get close to Winterfell without the Night King's army slicing her up? While she's been wrong about many of things, one cannot deny the Red Woman's mystical powers that have come in handy over the seasons. So when she miraculously lights up the swords of the Dothraki, we're like hell yeah!

Next moment they're charging into the darkness and one by one the flames go out and suddenly it becomes very clear that our heroes are screwed. What follows is an episode full of so many WTF moments, that you don't even have a chance to comprehend what just happened and you left shocked with the next moment. Anything that could go wrong for our heroes goes wrong, and you feel like you are on the rollercoaster ride from hell!

I'm not even going to try to recap the battle itself because it was all over the shop and it was a blink and miss a thing kind of affair. So much was happening that you weren't too sure who was alive and who was dead. To make matters even more confusing, you were just as equally baffled when people you thought had died are seen running around again.

However here are some highlights.

* Melisandre using her magic to light up the trench just in time as the Army of Dead arrived.

* Fire! Whenever it appeared, it lit up the screen making everything brighter to see in a rather dark episode.

* Dragon Fights! Nothing more needs to be said here. They were just freakin' cool.

* Arya going full kick-ass with her dragonglass spear!

* Lyanna Mormont getting crushed to death but not before she took out an undead giant. Go, girl!

* The sequence in the library with Arya with the undead that was very much like the scene in the kitchen out of Jurassic Park.

* The Hound in every scene he was and the fact that he survived which means Cleganebowl is still a thing!

* The Night King survives dragon fire and Jon Snow goes to take him down. Instead of fighting he casually raises the dead and walks off not giving a shit.

* When the undead rise up in the crypt and start attacking all the woman and children. Totally called that one!

* Jorah fighting alongside Daenerys and sacrificing himself to save her. So many emotions with this one.

* Theon finally finds redemption and sacrifices himself for Bran. "You're a good man" sniff sniff!

* Jon Snow yelling at a freakin' undead dragon!

* Everything about the music in the episode was so well done especially the piano sequence!

And lastly, the moment that had everyone screaming at the TV with excitement when Arya appears out of nowhere and uses the Valyrian dagger on the Night King ending him and the Army of the Dead.

What a scene! Does this now make Arya the reincarnated Azor Ahai? Will this change things? So many questions!!!

While the Night King and his army are now defeated, it came at a devastating loss to the North. They got pretty screwed at the battle of Winterfell and at this stage has very little chance of even coming close to taking on Cersei and her army.

With three weeks to go, it's going to be interesting to see which direction things will be heading because at this stage it's only looking promising for Cersei and I think we can all agree she's had her time on the iron throne for way too long!

Thank the Lord of the Light this extremely long recap is now over.

Tune in Monday for Episode 4!

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