The competition reached a whole new level of fierceness with Fluffy Starlet Heat #2

16 Jan 2019
Chad St. James
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After this past Sunday, it's safe to say the gauntlet has been thrown down and the competition to be crowned Fluffy Starlet is only going to get fiercer with each week.

Representing various types of drag, Heat #2 saw Justine Kace, Quiche Loraine, Scarlett Fever, ShuShu Funtanna, Skye Blue, & Solar Flair take to the Fluffy stage and each queen brought all they had and didn't disappoint!

The night saw mythological creatures with gigantic wings, mops being gyrated in all the wrong places, superbly chosen music, stunning costumes, comedic performances, the fellatio of a banana, captivating dance moves, and a jaw-dropping jump split that had the entire club erupt in applause. While Heat #1 launched the competition, there's no denying that Heat #2 set a new standard of quality that future competing Queens need to meet.

Scarlett Fever took the heat out impressing judges with her comedic performance and runway look, while Skye Blue's ability to work a night club and versatility brought her in at a close second. With Fever's decision to save ShuShu Funtanna, Justine Kace and Quiche Loraine were left to lip sync battle to Avril Lavigne's 'Girlfriend.' And what a tight lip sync battle it was. But only one was allowed to move further in the competition and judges chose a surprised Quiche Loraine to join Fever and Blue in the final 12.

GoHakka touched based with Scarlett Fever and Skye Blue to get to know the queens a little better and also get their thoughts on Heat #2.

Congratulations on your win. There's no denying it was a pretty tight competition. How does it feel to take out Heat #2?

It feels sensational! I put a lot of hard work into my looks, and it paid off! So over the moon and excited for the next round.

Can you explain the background behind the name Scarlett Fever?

Scarlett came from my favourite tv show growing up, and I Love the colour red, so it was perfect! And fever because I wanted the name to be a play on words but also a natural disaster of some sort

Why did you first get into drag?

Growing up I was always in theatre and onstage, and I loved seeing my own costumes. So I found a way to do both and be my outrageously gay self at the same time.

What inspired your performance choice for the night?

Emergency was the first performance I ever did in a competition. So I wanted to recreate it. I also thought it fit my aesthetic and was perfect for the first heat.

Was there a specific reason for saving ShuShu Funtanna?

It was the easiest decision ever. ShuShu is my dear sister, and we’ve worked and grown together since the beginning of our careers.

Who do you think will make it to the finals, and are you worried?

I think the finals will be myself, Natasha, Shushu, and Tina. I’m a little worried because it’s FIERCE competition, but I know the best girl will win.

What has been the biggest life lesson you've learned from doing drag?

The biggest life lesson I’ve learned through drag has been to remain confident in yourself and trust your instincts. If you believe in yourself, you can do anything.

Any prediction as to who is going to take out RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 4 and why?

My prediction will be that Manila Luzon will win! She’s slaying it and clearly has the most experience in the drag race world. Plus my fave.

How does it feel to make runner up?

It Feels great, but its no first place.

How did you come up with the name Skye Blue?

The name Skye Blue comes from a simple place, I looked up and comment " Wow! The sky's Blue" and the rest is Herstory.

Why did you first get into drag?

I first got into drag to sneak into clubs underage. Nobody checked drag queens IDs back in the day, so I strutted in like I owned the place and nobody question it. 10 years later I'm still here but wiser.

Between the performance and the runway, you had two very different looks, how would you define your style of drag?

The best way to define my style of drag is...Anything that fits. But on a serious note, I have "MacGyver" Style. Give me a broken heel, half a lash, a broken ciggy, and a dream. I would be able to turn a fierce Style.

Coming runner up, does this change your game plan for the rest of the competition?

NO, changing my game plan would mean changing my head space, and I don't need that.

If you had won the heat, who would you have chosen to save and why?

I would have saved Justine Kace because she let me borrow her bracelets.

Is there any advice you'd give to those competing in future heats?

My advice for future queens in the heats would be to stay true to you. Also to go hard out on stage, give it your all, don't hold back.

14 Queens remain.

Don't miss out on Heat #3 this Sunday!

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