Adam Lambert goes full 70s glam for 'New Eyes' music video

16 May 2019
Chad St. James
Categories: Music, Entertainment

Adam Lambert hasn't released a full-length album since 2015. However, the 37-year-old has just released the first single off his forthcoming new album titled Velvet. And it's great!

He previously mentioned that 70s glam and classic rock was the inspiration of his new sound, and if 'New Eyes' is a taste of what's to come, I'm already a fan.

“I wanted my first single to reflect my current state of mind and to bring listeners into a romantic, earthy vibe,” Lambert revealed in a statement, “‘New Eyes‘ is a love letter to innocence and to finding new passions.”

Directed by Miles & AJ, the psychedelic video for 'New Eyes' definitely deserves a watch!

What a tune! I'll be honest, I've never been a massive fan of Lambert, but I think that's going to change with Velvet.

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